12" Hunter's Star Template Set, Marti Michell Rulers

€ 17,95
Artikelnummer: 7129

Pre-cut Friendly! Two etched amber acrylic pieces to make a perfect 12-inch Hunter's Star block, plus Bonus line to cut a slightly shorter trapezoid to make a slightly smaller block using 10" x 10" pre-cut fabric squares. 1/4-inch seam allowances included. Instruction booklet includes fabric requirements and how-to's for two quilts -- make the classic 2-color version bed size quilt or go scrappy for a lap quilt. NOTE: This template set can be used to make 2 additional block sizes in addition to the Hunter's Star block sizes made with pattern #8526 (8526 is used with the Small Diagonal Set Triangle Ruler 8967 and diamonds from various template sets.)